Top Proven Practices of Managing Plant Diseases, Weeds and Other Pests

Everyone in the agro-business has faced the problems with plant diseases, weeds, etc. at some point in their careers. However, taking some preventative measures can easily help you manage them and protect your plants from such issues, ensuring crop protection dkbcrop just the way you need.

The Top Tips to Help You Keep Your Plants Healthy

You have got to be a little innovative when it cmes to keeping your plants disease free. One of the things that you need to focus on is to keep out the weeds. You can do this by minimizimg any soil differene.

A good way to go about it is to use a sharp knife that has a narrow blade and slice it through roots of dandelions and lawn weeds – this doesn’t just cut them but also disrupts their food supply, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about new weed growth. It’s a specially useful tips given the fact that weed seeds can remain dormant for a really long time and can be quite pesky about it.

In order to manage diseases in plants and keeping weeds and other pests away, following are some of the practices that you can use:

❖    Clear all the plant debris, weeds, etc. from the field before you start the plantation.

❖    Use a disinfectant to sanitize all the nearby areas.

❖    Avoid the recontamination of the area after it has been sanitized because the pathogens can attack at a later stage too.

❖    Use reliable sources to buy seeds, cutting or bulbs to reduce the chances of pathogen attacks.

❖    Disinfect the seeds, cuttings, and bulbs with chemicals one more time before planting them.

❖    Have a program for disease prevention for the whole cropping cycle.

❖    Monitor the roots of your plants at regular intervals during the crop cycle.

Keeping Your Plants Healthy Naturally

DKBCrop is a pioneer in crop protection and the effective utilization of bio-pesticides in the natural growth of crops. If you have been suffering from the same plight of pests and crop diseases, they come with a recommendation!

If you follow these points as a preventive measure, you can sail through the crop cycle without having to deal with plant diseases. However, in case you do end up with pests and weeds in your crops, you can use the following crop protection techniques to get rid of them without much of a hassle.

➔    Understand the nature of the pest attack and the type of pests.

➔    Try to find natural and cost-effective methods to control pests.

➔    Place some plants that naturally fight pests that are situated around your crops.

➔    Burn the affected crops as soon as you identify them so that they don’t spread it.

➔    Find natural enemies of the pests like insects that would eat the pests without damaging the crops and place them on your farm.

➔    Use bio-pesticides to provide proper protection to your crops in a natural way.

Following a simple few tips can ensure you have a good harvest – are you ready for it?